Fertility, Pre-Conception Care

Infertility, Pre-Conception Care

fertility-womens-health-sunshine-coastNothing is more frustrating when the time comes to expand the family and nothing happens. Fertility problems can have a number of causes, however many of them can be eliminated by improving diet and lifestyle and balancing hormones. Specialized hormone testing is available to identify excess or deficiencies of hormones. Herbal supplements and formulas can be prescribed to bring your hormones back into balance and enable your menstrual cycle to function normally.

We don’t forget out the men too. Their health and diet plays a huge role in fertility. After all it does take two to tango. Improving diet and lifestyle in the men can improve health, motility and number of sperm.

The health of the ova and sperm has an impact on the health of the baby. So it makes sense to be as healthy as you can prior to conception. Health Mum and Dad = healthy pregnancy = healthy baby = healthy adult.

My 5 Step program to fertility has helped many couples with unexplained fertility produce healthy little bubs.

Our Naturopath Nutritionist Kerri Abbott is a strong advocate for pre-conception planning for both partners. Do you really want to pass on 20-30 years of accumulated toxins to your baby in utero  via unhealthy ova or sperm and breast milk?

  • Babies are born with up to 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood
  • Breastfeeding is a great detoxifier for the mother utilizing her fat stores and releasing a lifetime of stored toxins and pesticides, 20-70% goes into breast milk to be consumed by the baby.

With facts like these we realize just how important completing a detox program prior to conception is for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

A Smart DNA test for both Mum and Dad is the most comprehensive way to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and avoid passing on impaired genes to your next generation before you become pregnant.