Alps 12L 10 stage water filter

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  • 10 Stage water filter
  • Replacement parts available
  • Ensure good health and thyroid function with clean fresh bottle free water
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The Alps water filter is designed to remove all kinds of contaminants in your drinking water in 10 steps 

1. Dome Ceramic Filter with silver particle (0.2 micron): Purifies water from rust, dust, sand, silt and bacteria such as cholera, typhoid and coliforms.

2. Silver Activated Carbon (1st layer of cartridge): Carbon adsorbs chemicals and traps dirt, rust, silt, chemicals and chlorine.

3. Zeolite (2nd layer of cartridge): Zeolite softens water and has a strong affinity for heavy metals and adsorption of harmful elements, including fluoride.

4. Silica Sand (3rd layer of cartridge): Silica promotes healthy bone, connective tissue and helps prevent premature aging, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease and keeps water cool and fresh.

5. Mineral Sand (4th layer of cartridge): Mineral sand replenishes minerals lost during the purification process.

6. Ion Exchange Resin (5th layer of cartridge): This process traps fluoride atoms and neutralises them.

7. Far Infra-Red Ceramic Balls (6th layer of cartridge): These help to soften filtered water and raise the pH level to around 7.5 – 8.0.

8-9 Mineral Stones with nano silver particles keep the water fresh, alkaline, mineralised, bacteria and virus free.

10. Magnetic Water Faucet: The magnet helps to restore the water’s natural energy and balance and also micro clusters the water for optimal hydration.

Clean healthy drinking water

ALPS is a natural gravity fed water filtration system that is designed to remove all types of contaminants in tap water via a ten stage filtration process.  The ALPS water filter represents a natural, simple, easily maintained and cost effective water filter, that will provide you with a consistent supply of clean and healthy drinking water, essential for general health, longevity and quality of life. BPA free.

It is recommended to change filter components every 9 months. See shop for parts.


Base diameter – 35.5cm

Height – 64 cm


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