menopausalThere are two types of aging – normal aging and premature aging. Anti-aging medicine is concerned with decreasing the risk for all illnesses and conditions associated with accelerated aging.  Some of these conditions are heart disease, inflammatory conditions, dementia, osteoporosis, fatigue etc

Sunshine Coast Naturopath Nutritionist Kerri Abbott uses DNA Analysis as a valuable tool to help her identify your genetic SNP’s that lead to premature aging. The use of dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribed supplementation can slow aging.

Nobody wants to live longer with a disability, chronic illness or cognitive impairment if they have a choice. Trust me, I know how debilitating a chronic disease can be. Watching my mother slowly deteriorate from Parkinson’s Disease is heartbreaking.

Diet and lifestyle are key factors of anti-aging – living a long life with vitality and health.

Weight gain is one of the biggest contributing factors to chronic conditions as we age. Exercise, reducing stress and hormonal health also play important roles. As a Nutritionist I can design an individual dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health and anti-aging potential.

We age faster because our hormones decline. Therefore optimal health and well-being for males and females can be maintained by ensuring an adequate and appropriate balance of hormone levels. We can avoid many hormone related diseases such as prostate, breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers by ensuring the appropriate bio-transformation of estrogen in our bodies through dietary changes and supplementation if necessary.

Most importantly, supplementing with powerful antioxidants is an invaluable way to slow the aging process and improve health. We can prescribe the right kind of antioxidant that will benefit you the most. There is no point taking a supplement that is not giving you the best outcome.

Some diagnostic tools we use to help us measure and determine your anti-aging regime are blood screening, body composition testing, DNA analysis and hormone level testing.