Achieving Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Aging

VLA kerri abbott naturopath

Achieving Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Aging

Who wants more vitality, longevity and healthy aging?

Yes pick me I hear you all saying!.

Modern day living can have an impact on our body affecting optimal health, vitality and longevity.

This includes:-
  • the food we eat
  • how well we absorb nutrients
  • how many toxins we are exposed to
    VLA kerri abbott naturopath

    VLA Quadscan

  • how much electrical frequency we are exposed to
  • how much stress we are under
  • how well we sleep
  • how much vitality we have
  • our thoughts and feelings
  • how much exercise we do

But how do we know what is right for our body?

We are all unique. Our bodies react in different ways to food and lifestyle influences. Sure we can gain information from your symptom picture, but we don’t always know what is going on inside your body. It helps practitioners like me to utilise a tool that analyses your heath status to ensure your diet, lifestyle and supplemental program is on the right track.

Using the latest technolgy VLA Quadscan device, helps me gain valuable information into your current health status and body composition. It also helps me monitor your cellular health and fluid distribution.

Who wants to

  • manage their weight more effectively?
  • Increase vitality?
  • support health aging?
  • support energy levels?
  • increase muscle tone and fitness?
  • support nutrition and health of your body?
  • get maximum performance as an athlete?

Then this new test is for you.

Many of you would have experienced my previous VLA50. The VLA Quadscan is the latest technology. Instead of working on 1 frequency this works on 4. It is a lot more accurate and has many more health parameters. I have just completed an intesive 3 day training course and look forward to sharing this amazing technology with you.

To book in for your VLA Quadscan appointment and receive your VLA Quadscan report please click here

Before your appointment please read the following.

  • No eating 2 hours before
  • No vigorous exercise 6 hours before

Look forward to seeing you in clinic soon.


Kerri Abbott – Naturopath, Nutritionist, DNA Analysis