Wedding Health and Vitality Preparation

Getting ready for your wedding

Don’t forget about YOU in your wedding preparations. It’s easy to become stressed trying to organize photographers, flowers, caterers and dress in the lead up to your wedding. But what about you on the most photographed day of your life, Don’t you want the have the shiniest hair, strongest nails, clearest skin and sexiest body for your special day?

Sunshine Coast Naturopath and Nutritionist Kerri Abbott can design a pre-wedding health preparation package for you and your partner to ensure you are both healthy and full of vitality on your wedding day and beyond.

For Her:

  • clear skin
  • shiny hair
  • strong nails
  • more energy
  • more focused
  • less stress
  • sexy body
  • weight loss (if desired)

For Him:

  • strong body
  • focused mind
  • more energetic
  • less stress
  • clear skin
  • weight loss (if desired)
  • healthy